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Spring in Honolulu (Begins March 20th)

This is one of the best times to visit Honolulu, weather-wise as temperatures hover in the low 80’s.  Springtime in Hawaii is less crowded than fall, and visitors get the added bonus of watching the island’s vegetation spring to life in colorful bursts of bloom.  Surfers appreciate the less crowded line-ups and honeymooners take advantage of more secluded beach areas. 

Summer in Honolulu (Begins June 21st)

You can find some great deals during this time of year, especially if you plan a trip for early summer before most families arrive. Temperatures peak around 90 degrees, but you should still pack layers if you intend to hike at higher elevations.  Summer is the busiest time of year for most vacation destinations, and the weather is at its best.  Hotel recommendation: pick weekdays to tour popular attractions like Pearl Harbor.

Fall in Honolulu (Begins September 23rd)

Summer tends to linger, and autumn days are still long and warm, offering a few extra hours to squeeze in a sunset activity like a cocktail cruise or a romantic stroll along the beach.  Toward the end of the year, when you are just wanting to get away, can be the best time to visit Honolulu for rest, relaxation and shoulder season sun. Visitor attractions are less crowded this time of year, car rentals and room rates are more affordable, and you can return home sporting a tan at Thanksgiving dinner.  Hotel tip: The best travel bargains are typically found in the fall.

Winter in Honolulu (Begins Dec. 22nd)

It might be subtle—but winter does come to Hawaii. It begins at the end of November and lasts through March. This is when the whales arrive and give birth to their calves. During these months, Honolulu weather is stormier and slightly cooler (with average temperatures in the mid-70s) than it is the rest of the year, but it’s positively balmy for those who have been shoveling snow out of their driveways. The desire to defrost makes this a peak travel time for families.  November through March is Hawaii’s so-called “rainy season”, showers rarely last more than a few hours before the sun returns to the sky.

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